Enjoy 3 month of DigiZoomTv 2.0 in up to 3 Tv's in your home. All channels available including sport packages and spanish channels. Don’t forget to refer friends and family and save even more on your monthly bill. This service its strictly to one house hold, once the customer activates their account at their home the system immediately "marries" their IP address if they take their device to another location the system will automatically recognize its connected to a different IP address and it will block the service and a $10 fee will be apply to restore the service again. Our service have a guarantee of at least 85-90% up time, upgrades and routinely maintenance will happen from time to time. 

3 months subscription to DigiZoomTv 2.0 (3 tv's per home)

  • DigiZoomTv stand behind their services and devices and we know you'll enjoy the service if used correctly. Due to the nature of our product being digital, there is no refund on any of our subscriptions. We offer customers the oportunity to test a trial in which they can used to decide if the service its right for them, we strongly suggest to download and Install DigiZoomTv before placing any puchases as we do not offer refunds. DigiZoomTv is not responsible in how your ISP behaves with our service. DigiZoomTv inspect all of their devices before being sent out and we made sure all funtionality of our boxes work properly, in the event of an item arrived damage or does not work properly we offer 15 days from the arrival time to sent the item back for a full refund, please be sure to send the item with ALL original packaging. A photo of the damage item must be sent to info@digizoomtv.com and please explain malfunction and include a note inside the package with your full name and the email on the account. Due to the nature of this service been digital sometimes some channels need to be remove for maintenance and not added back until a strong steady feed its found, we always advice our customers not to worry when this happen as its usually 1-5 channels and not a big amount. A full Channel line up its usually 90% functional.


    Please send all devices to:


    P.O Box 6790

    Holyoke Ma, 01041